the only thing I want is to convert some of my followers to Dollhouse

or get Dollhouse stans to follow me.
idk man. Just feeling lonely in my love for it rn. 

  1. tipsycersei said: Don’t watch dollhouse
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  3. edithnapier said: I SHALL WATCH IT IMMEDIATELY. Haha, or maybe laterrrr :P
  4. anabsolutedream said: I’ve been following you for a while, and I was so excited when you started posting Dollhouse! It’s such an excellent show, and it doesn’t have anywhere near the following it deserves.
  5. asdistantastrue said: DOLLHOUSE IS MINDBLOWING AND FANTASTIC!! You have to get through the first handful of episodes, which I actually thought were quite boring BUT IT ALL PAYS OFF BY THE END OF SEASON 1. Season 2 is just..omg one of th emost phenomenal things ever.
  6. consortwithstars said: DOLLHOUSE IS SO WONDERFUL!
  7. theloupgaroux said: I tried to watch it, but it’s the only Joss I can’t get into *sigh*
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