abbie, 20, from england
just a teenadult constantly prone to stalkerish obsession. i like herbal tea, musicals and joss whedon. married to james marsters back muscles... ◆ pretty peoplefilms

currently watching angel & txf

hayworths replied to your post: Hi. I’m sorry if i’m annoying you or anything, but i just watched the episode (even though i knew it would destroy me) and i’m completely emotionally wreaked. the one thing i can’t get over is how i feel betrayed by it

And the actual scene was just really grotesque and hard to watch. I want to rewatch the ep but I really don’t know if I want to see that scene again. It’s got great acting but it’s just so horrible that I don’t think I can watch it without vomiting

Yeah, I’m exactly the same. I think the fact that everyone was so fantastic in that scene is part of the problem. It feels WAY too real. Way too heart-breaking and I honestly can’t take it. Ugh I feel sick just thinking about it. That make-up on Jess. God nope.